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Seven Recommended Devotionals for College Students



Devotionals are quick, thought-provoking reads. They discuss relevant topics and provide practical ways to bring Scriptural commands into everyday life. Devotionals have differing levels of difficulty and depth to meet people where they are at in their faith. Best of all, there are many devotional books that cater specifically to college students.

Devotionals are great for students at Christian and public colleges alike. Whether you read it before your eight a.m. class, in the dining hall, or on the quad with friends, devotionals have a way of speaking to the heart in a succinct and applicable way. We have put together a list of devotionals that are ideal for the busy season of college. Read on for our top recommendations!

1.)New Morning Merciesby Paul David Tripp

New Morning Merciesis a daily devotional that discusses the Gospel from all angles. This book is great for college students who want to think about the Christian life in a very practical way. Tripp uses everyday examples that are easy to understand and relate to. This could also be read with a group of friends, as it spurs on conversation and deeper thinking. Each devotional is connected to a passage of Scripture listed at the bottom, encouraging readers to dive into the Word.

2.)Then Sings My Soul: Prayer Journalby Robert J Morgan

Then Sings My Soulhas fifty two hymns, one for each week of the year. Each hymn’s lyrics are printed out with musical notation, a few paragraphs of background information, and several reflection questions meant to link the hymn to real life. This devotional is great for musicians who want to expand their repertoire with older hymns or believers who want to worship in a new way. In a college setting, this book might inspire impromptu worship nights and discussions about what the hymns mean to each individual.

3.)At First Glance: A Devotional for College Studentsby Samuel Darr

At First Glanceis a semester’s worth of entries written for students at any stage of their college career. Each devotional discusses a specific topic in Scripture and gives practical advice for walking in and through that situation. At the end of each entry, there is a summary of what was discussed as well as questions to ask friends and neighbors. College students who want something written for their specific stage of life as well as those who want to get better at having faith conversations will benefit from this devotional.

4.)God’s Wisdom for Navigating Life: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Book of Proverbsby Timothy Keller

God’s Wisdom for Navigating Lifeprovides insights on the book of Proverbs. Each day is focused on a specific verse or two of Proverbs and goes in order of the chapters. The book of Proverbs is brimming with insight on wisdom – a very fitting topic for young adults who are just beginning their independent decision making. The book could also be used for group study and discussion of what it means to have wisdom.

5.)At the Table with Jesus: 66 Days to Draw Closer to Christ and Fortify Your Faithby Louie Giglio

At the Table with Jesusis a focused study about the Messiah. The book is split into sections about Jesus as God, His attributes, His interactions on earth, and many other topics. Each day of the devotional is a few pages long discussing who Jesus is with many Scripture references. The text includes several response questions to think through and a memory verse at the end. This devotional is great for the college student who desires to know Jesus holistically.

6.)The Simple Truth Bible: The Best Minute of Your Dayby Group Youth Ministry Resources

The Simple Truth Bibleis a daily devotional specifically for college students. Each day has a passage of Scripture, a short explanation of the passage, a prayer, and an activity to help solidify the message of the passage. The book splits redemptive history into sections to help the reader understand where they are at in the story. College students who want a short devotional and are interested in a combination of background information and current application will benefit from this devotional.

7.)Morning and Eveningby Charles Spurgeon

Morning and Eveningis a twice daily devotional that is meant to encourage believers. Based on the King James Bible, all entries are written in an older style of English. Each pair of readings complement each other in topic and have well-rounded lines of thought. College students who desire to be challenged in their thought processes by a time-tested theologian will benefit from reading this devotional.

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