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Master of Arts

Master of Ministry Studies Online

An online Master of Arts in Ministry Studies at Grace Theological Seminary will explore serving in a church or a ministry career.


Future ministry professional, the way forward is Grace.


This degree consists of 12, three-credit courses for a total of 36 credit hours. These courses are eight weeks in length, so two are offered back to back during each semester (fall, spring, and summer). A student can complete this degree in six semesters, which is two years.

Christian Ministry Concentration

The Ministry Concentration is designed to equip ministry leaders for support positions and leadership positions in the local church. This program strikes a balance between foundational theological preparation and real-life ministry training. The six concentration courses are ministry-based and taught by instructors with significant and successful experience in local church service.

Women’s Leadership Studies Concentration


Counseling Concentration

The Counseling Concentration is designed to equip pastoral counselors and others with important ministry tools to help those who are hurting. The six counseling courses are ministry-based and taught by instructors who are or have been engaged with counseling in a local church. These courses are different from the clinical courses taught in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Grace College. The concentration will start with the theological foundations of counseling and will address Christian counseling theories and methodologies.

Technology Concentration

The Technology concentration is designed to offer ministry leaders in our current digital age, creative thinking to better use technology equipment and applications to enhance ministry productivity and connections. This program merges the timeless message of scripture with innovative strategies helping the church meaningfully engage with technology. The concentration starts with Technology and Media in Ministry and then progresses to cover such topics as worship, communication, organization, developing tech talent, and then concludes with a hands-on technology internship.

Leadership and Management Concentration

The Leadership and Management concentration is designed to equip ministry leaders to integrate their ministry calling with business and leadership skills that can be applied in a variety of settings. This program will help leaders blend business and ministry or help ministry leaders enhance the organizational structures of their local churches. The concentration courses start with an in-depth look at Ministry leadership, then continue by offering insights into team leadership and administration, and close with Strategic Thinking and Planning.

Learn about Grace Seminary's Master of Ministry Online. In 36 credit hours earn a Master of Ministry Degree Online our Online Ministry Degree.

Ideal Fit

The Master of Arts program is for those who need formal training in ministry.


Intentional Missional Empathetic Problem-Solvers Enthusiastic

Career Opportunities


  • Associate Pastor
  • Outreach Coordinator
  • Senior Pastor
  • Worship Pastor / Leader
  • Camp Director
  • Executive Director of Camps
Learn about Grace Seminary's Master of Ministry Online. In 36 credit hours earn a Master of Ministry Degree Online our Online Ministry Degree.

I knew I wanted to pursue further education in order to have an impact on people. The Ministry Studies program was efficient and provided a strong foundation of biblical knowledge and counseling skills!

Rick Nier

2021 Master of Arts in Ministry Studies, Pastoral Counseling

Curriculum Examples

Theological Seminar 1
New Testament Survey
Ministry Leadership
Ministry & Cultural Diversity
Biblical Psychology
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Course Overview


After successfully completing this course, the student should be able to demonstrate a knowledge of background issues which introduce one to the study of various concepts of the New Testament, the historical milieu of each New Testament book studied, the purpose and general content of each New Testament book studied, the relationship between the New and Old Testaments, and the use of the New Testament in modern ministry.

A study and interaction with these topics will implement that purpose: servant leadership, mentoring, visionary leadership, and leading as a change agent. The methods will include reading and writing assignments, online discussions, pastoral interviews, a self-assessment and an action plan paper.

The goals for this course are (1) to give Christian ministry students as awareness of the nature of cultural systems and how they affect ministry in multi-cultural settings and (2) to give them insights, methods, and skills for adapting their perspective and activities for a relevant ministry to those of other cultural backgrounds.

This course will examine the relationship between the fields of psychology and theology. A theology of “integration” will be presented, along with discussions concerning specific “psychological” topics (i.e. personality, sensation/perception, self-esteem, etc.) from a biblical vantage point. A biblical discussion of depression and anxiety will be an aspect of this course, along with how one would use this material to counsel/minister to others.

Admission Requirements

Grace Theological Seminary welcomes applications from all individuals who have a testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

To be admitted as a Grace Theological Seminary student, you’re asked to provide:

  • Official transcripts from the school where you obtained your degree. (If you are currently working on your degree, you can submit an unofficial transcript for admission until term completion, at which time an official transcript is required. Transcripts should be sent

  • A spiritual life reference

  • International applicant must provide a copy of TESOL test scores, and provide a financial certificate indicating sufficient funding for the program of study.

Entry Requirements

In order to be considered for enrollment in the Master of Arts program at Grace Theological Seminary, you must fulfill certain admissions requirements:
  • A four-year bachelor‘s degree or its equivalent (for international students) from a recognized institution of higher learning. Graduates of Bible colleges, liberal arts colleges, and state colleges and universities are encouraged to apply.
  • 在未被认可的机构接受神学院预科教育的学生或在神学院预科教育中成绩低于2.5 GPA的学生可以在学术限制下被录取。
  • Applicants without a bachelor’s degree who have completed some or no college may be admitted if they meet certain ministry and research/writing requirements. Please contact seminary admissions for more information; email: or phone: 877.607.0012.