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Pursue mastery without pausing ministry

Seminary at the Speed of Life

Theological education has been a value of the church since its inception. This value has been a constant throughout church history; however, methodology has often been modified to meet the needs of God’s people. Today, there is an increasing need for theological education that is accessible, affordable, and contextualized. In other words, an online seminary option that is available for those who want graduate theological education without leaving their community, church, job, or relocating their family. We have responded to this need through Deploy.


On Site, At Your Church

We use a competency-based theological education (CBTE) model delivering theological seminary online and onsite within a ministry context at your local church.


Accelerated Education

This innovative program can be accomplished much faster than traditional seminary degrees. Students must achieve a minimum B grade of mastery in order to progress to the next competency. No waiting. Master one and move on.


Hands On Practicum

While receiving formal theological training from an academic mentor, all students participate in active service opportunities within the local church where they will document, dialogue, and deconstruct their experiences with an insightful ministry mentor, all while receiving shepherding from a spiritual mentor.


“部署对我来说是一次丰富的经历。它的内容令人耳目一新,具有变革性。这个项目的实用性给我留下了深刻的印象。它已经影响了我的人际关系以及我自己的成长。由于之前受过正规的圣经训练和学习,我在入学时有一定的期望。这个项目真的超出了我的预期。到目前为止,我收获最大的部分是与教员建立的关系。他们很有风度,随时为你服务,经常和你一起祈祷。我们非常感激他们的奉献精神。我非常感激他们致力于训练我和其他人的圣经教导和领导能力。 I look forward to seeing how God continues to move in my heart and grow me more into the image of Christ through the school and its faculty."

Kevin Pobursky - MA Student - 2018

Two Remarkable Programs

These programs provide a choice between a ministry-based Master’s (M.A.) and a divinity-based Master’s (M.Div.), to meet students’ and churches’ needs. (Online Seminary M.Div. or M.A.)

M.Div. in General Ministry

Preaching, Teaching, Biblical Languages, Bible Interpretation, and Pastoral Care

We believe these programs will serve the broadcast spectrum of graduate level education being sought after by professional, ministry, and lay leaders.

Get your competency-based Master of Divinity online!

M.A. in Local Church Ministry

Discipleship, Organizational Leadership, Age or Niche-based Ministry, and Spiritual Formation


Get your competency-based Master of Arts online!

Interested in Becoming a Student?

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Program Distinctions & Benefits

A Partnership with Your Local Church

Accelerate in the Program at Any Time

Ministry Mentor / Formation Mentor / Academic Mentor

Actual Ministry – The Most Practical Education

Students Receive a Free Digital Library

Grace is a member of the Competency-Based Education Network

Bring Deploy To Your Ministry

All students will participate in active service opportunities within the local church where they will document, dialogue, and deconstruct their experiences with an insightful ministry mentor. Nothing could be more real or valuable. Students will sharpen discipleship and interpersonal skills leading others, teaching, speaking, and serving.


CBTE for Pastors

CBTE for Students

Introduction to Professors

CBTE Accreditation

Mentoring Process

Tuition Explained

How Can I Complete an MA or an MDiv?

LOGOS Library Benefit

The Importance of Hands-On Ministry Experience

What is CBTE? – Part One

What is CBTE? – Part Two