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Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits

从其他具有适当学术标准的神学院转来的学生,通常会在完成其所就读的格雷斯学院学位课程所需学分的一半以上的工作后获得全额学分。转入的课程必须与学生所选课程中的恩典课程基本相等,否则必须得到神学院院长的许可,允许该课程被用作选修课。通过高级站获得的学分减少了允许的转车时间。In the case where a student has an earned master’s degree from another seminary with proper academic standards, credit from that program will be accepted toward the Master of Divinity degree based on the following guidelines:

  1. Students with an M.A. degree (including those from Grace College & Theological Seminary) can use up to the 36-hour limit to meet requirements for the M.Div. degree.
  2. Students with the M.A. degree can apply credit to other master’s programs at Grace College & Theological Seminary only in the amount allowed under the transfer guidelines established.


Advanced Standing

Advanced standing is available at Grace Theological Seminary for students who have prepared themselves in their undergraduate training for seminary studies. Grace recognizes the level of training and study completed at many accredited Bible colleges and Christian liberal arts colleges. Advanced standing will enable students to build on their previous education rather than repeat it. This means that they will spend less time and less money on their seminary training and more time in ministry. A maximum of 14 credit hours of advanced standing can be earned for those entering the Master of Divinity degree programs; and a maximum of 12 credit hours can be earned by those entering the Master of Arts degree programs of 48-credit-hour duration. Classes that are allowed to count for advanced standing will be determined by the faculty and the Dean of Grace Theological Seminary by comparing undergraduate transcripts with the student’s chosen program of study. In addition to an examination of the student’s transcripts, the following must also take place for advanced standing to be awarded:

  • The student must have completed his/her undergraduate studies at an approved school.
  • The student must have achieved a “B-” or better in the course for which advanced standing is granted.
  • The student must successfully pass the advanced standing examination (when applicable) for selected courses at Grace Theological Seminary.

It is important to note that students applying for advanced standing credit must do so through the Office of the Dean of the Seminary within the first semester after they have been officially admitted to Grace Theological Seminary.

Students in the Deploy program are not able to receive advanced standing; however, opportunities for program acceleration are available, depending on student capacity.