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Online College Transfer Credits

Transferring Credits to Grace College Online

If you would like a preliminary “unofficial” evaluation of what credits will transfer to Grace, you may email a copy of your transcript or class list toAdmissionsand we will provide you with an initial analysis. Once you have applied and been accepted to Grace, we will send you a copy of your official credit evaluation.

A PDF Version of the academic policies on the transferring of credit can be downloaded below.

Online College Transfer Credit Policy

There is no limit to the number of credit hours eligible for transfer to Grace from schools accredited by agencies recognized by the Council for Higher Education Association (CHEA); however, at least 50% of the courses needed to complete a degree are required through Grace College or Grace Theological Seminary before a degree can be granted by Grace.

Scope of the Policy



3.0“Transfer credit” describes the transfer of courses from one level of education to another at the same level, such as courses from one baccalaureate, master’s or seminary program to another.

4.0This policy applies to all courses transferred to Grace College and Seminary regardless of mode of delivery, including online, correspondence, traditional classroom, or other methods of course delivery.



Advanced Standing


8.0Adult-degree completion, graduate, and seminary programs describe advanced in their respective catalogs.

9.0Students with an undergraduate degree from a non-accredited institution who are seeking admission to an adult-degree completion, graduate, or seminary program will be evaluated by the program director in consultation with the chair and the dean.

10.0Refer also to the advanced standing policies of the adult-degree completion, graduate, or seminary program that is sought for more information.

Course Transfer Determination

11.0The Admissions Office, the Registrar’s Office, the Department of Online Education, and the Academic Office are the only offices on campus that evaluate transcripts from other institutions for the purpose of granting credit. Evaluation of credit transfers may be done in consultation with a department chair or program director.

12.0All credits may transfer to Grace College and all may count toward the 120 total credits needed for graduation with an undergraduate degree; however, not all transfer credits will necessarily meet the requirements for a particular major or minor. Students with transferring credits should discuss with the registrar’s office and/or their academic advisors to determine how credits may fulfill their degree, major, and minor requirements.

13.0Pre-requisite courses that have pre-fixes beginning with zero (e.g., MAT 010) are considered pre-college work and do not count toward the total number of credit hours needed for degree completion. They may not be transferred to Grace College for credit regardless of the final grade.

14.0It is most desirable that students who are transferring in courses to substitute for integrated courses in the Grace Core (i.e., psychology and sociology for Essentials of Behavioral Science, music and art for Creative Arts and Culture, literature and global world views for Global Perspectives) will have taken courses from each discipline represented in the integrated course. Transfer courses representing only one of the disciplines in an integrated Grace Core course will be evaluated on an individual basis. Only in highly unusual situations will courses transfer in to substitute for integrated courses. See also Core Courses.

15.0Course work will typically be transferred based on course titles; however, on occasion students may be required to provide additional information including catalog descriptions and course syllabi.

16.0Credit will be granted on the basis of Grace’s semester hour standard. Courses transferred from colleges and universities using the quarter system will be assigned credit hours for which one quarter hour equals two thirds of a semester hour.

16.1If the course being transferred into Grace is more than one (1) hour deficient, the student will need to either take the entire course or make up the deficiency in readings, independent study, or other supplementary work for credit. It is up to the department to determine whether that work must be done within that particular course discipline or just within the general major/minor area of study. All students must meet the total hour requirement for their major and minor.

17.0Credit transfers may be awarded only when the course grade is a “C-” or above.

18.0Courses accepted as transfer credit will be applied toward the Grace Core, B.A. or B.S. degree requirements, or major or minor requirements whenever possible. Courses transferred that do not satisfy these requirements will be considered elective credit.

19.0A maximum of thirty (30) hours of Bible and thirty (30) hours of non-bible credit toward a traditional undergraduate degree at Grace College is acceptable from bible colleges and bible institutes.

Online Transfer Credit Policy (273.37 KB)